Monday, 8 September 2014

20th Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championship 2014, Let the Lions Roar!!

The 20th Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championship 2014, got underway at the heart of Orchard Road last night. This year’s edition will see 9 teams competing for 8 final slots to be crowned the National Freestyle champion, and having the opportunity to represent Singapore in future International competitions. In the Traditional category, 12 teams will slug it out to be crowned the Champions in the Traditional category.

Kicking off the event’s proceedings, Long Tian Pugilistic Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe Team A were the first competitors. Although they were former champions just a few years back, they showed their strengths in development by ensuring the 2 teams they had sent had qualified for the semi-finals. With a new line up this year and probably affected by their nerves for being the first team, Long Tian Team A could not display their usual fluidity in their routine and making several mistakes along the way. Their final score would eventually be 6.99.

Quan Wei Dragon & Lion Dance Centre were up next. Probably buoyed by the fact that they just needed to score higher than 6.99 points and they will qualify for the finals on Friday and Saturday, Quan Wei opted for a safe performance without being too flashy to eventually score 8.77, putting them in one of the final spot.

Former champions, Yi Wei Athletic Association put up a near flawless performance and scored 8.70 in their routine. They displayed good agility and fluidity in their movements and made the movements really cat-like.

Wen Yong Dragon And Lion Dance Troupe made a few major mistakes, including a major fall in their display, and could only garner 7.33 points for the night. However this would be enough to see them progress to the weekend’s finals.

Kuan San Tang Dragon And Lion Dance Troupe Being the defending champions, displayed a matured and safe routine, without showing too many mistakes to score 9.31, easily the highest of the night. With this kind of form, they are definitely the favourites to retain their title this year.

With points being a determining factor in the troupes’ competition schedules on Friday and Saturday, the rest of the troupes competing on Tuesday’s semi-finals will be spurred on to put up an even better performance and scores, so as to reduce their own pressure and expectations come the weekend.

Current Standings:

Kuan San Tang Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe
Yi Wei Athletic Association
Quan Wei Dragon & Lion Dance Centre
Wen Yong Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe
Long Tian Pugilistic Dragon & Lion Dance Troupe Team A