Monday, 18 November 2013

The New Age of Dominance

Ever since Michael Schumacher dominated the F1 with his Ferrari in the 2000s, no one could ever imagine anyone coming close to matching his records or even breaking it. How times had changed with the emergence of a certain Sebastien Vettel. Hailing from the same country of Germany, it seems like Germans are talentedly fast with their 2 legendary champions.

Vettel first burst into the F1 scene with the Red Bulls junior team, Torro Rosso. Being just a feeder team for Red Bulls, he had shown that he possessed something different that separated him from the rest of his peers, his natural speed. Managing to secure a pole position and going on to record his first victory, he managed to secure a seat at the Red Bulls team the following season. Proving no fluke to that particular win, that race win and pole position is still what Torro Rosso has achieved so far in their history.

Racing for Red Bulls, nothing much can be said with his 4th straight Drivers’ crown and just breaking Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 straight wins in a single season. At still a young age of 26 and already achieved 38 race wins, looks like Schumi’s record of 91 is not that distant anymore.
Although 2014 will be a totally new ball game altogether, with Mark Webber gone and Adrian Newwy’s genius stroke, Vettel will no doubt be up there challenging for the championship again. 

Just like what is a year of dominance at F1, the same can also be said on the world of MotoGP. With the conclusion of the 2013 season, a new upstart rookie, Marc Marquez at only 20 years of age, upstaged the veterans of defending champion, Jorge Lorenzo, legendary Valentino Rossi back on a Yamaha, and even his team mate Dani Pedrosa, in winning his MotoGP World title in his debut season. 

Just starting out his first year with Honda at the elite level, Marquez had shown tremendous speed and aggression to constantly fight for wins and podiums. With Lorenzo and Pedrosa suffering major crashes which put them out of action during the middle of the season, Marc would stamp his mark on the races and take the overall lead which he never relinquish. Even being dealt with a black flag at Australia, he had enough in his tank to finish the year in style with his World title. Lorenzo’s late charge for the title would prove in vain. But what would have happen if Lorenzo did not have to sit out a few races due to injury?

Marc’s performance may have not been as eye catching as Vettel, but he did dominated the entire field with his consistency and sometimes ruthless aggression, even with his team mate Pedrosa. While thinking back, even Rossi in his prime and Lorenzo could not had to take some time before truly settling into their greatness.

At only 20 years of age, looks like Rossi’s various records achieved throughout his career will also be tumbling down in a few years time.