Wednesday, 11 September 2013

19th Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championship 2013

It’s been a long time since my last post again. The constant work stress and various commitments had basically drained me of energy to write any substantial articles towards sports during the past few months, although quite a lot of things happened in the sporting world.

photo courtesy of Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation
Just to start off again, I was actually passing by Orchard area the past few days where I witness a lion dance competition going on. After doing some research, the competition was actually the annual Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championship, which is already into the 19th edition.

The championship is actually the platform for local lion dance troupes to compete and show off their creativity and choreography in a bid to become the Lion King. This year’s competition also featured 3 times defending champions, Long Tian Pugilistic Association trying to win the title for a consecutive 4th time. However during last night’s preliminary rounds, the athletes from Long Tian suffered a major fall off the high poles, which points were deducted from their final scores. Their fortune going into the finals on Friday and Saturday is not shining brightly, as they are currently place second from bottom out of 8 teams, with another 4 teams featuring tonight. Only the top 8 teams will progress on to the final round.

photo courtesy of Singapore Wushu Dragon & Lion Dance Federation
Watching the lions prancing around and performing their stunts, it does bring awe to the spectators. With their neatly choreographed movements and jumps, and the din created by the percussions, the crowds simply oohed and aah at the various suprises performed during their routines. Even when the athletes made the major mistakes of falling down the poles, the crowds were also encouraging them with their applause when they got back up to continue their routines. Probably other than watching football at the old Kallang Stadium, this truly combine all aspects of sport, culture and bringing together of all people from other lifestyles, and it is happening in the heart of Orchard.

The 19th Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championship is from 9 to 14 September, starting at 7.30pm, at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. But the crowds do come as early as 6pm just to chope a seat for the best view.

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