Friday, 24 May 2013

Managerial Merry Go Round

In the fickle world of football, it is really crazy out there to determine who is the actual boss. In this industry, when the players don't perform, the managers get the sack! Put it in other industries, the workers get it.

With the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, there seemed to lack real bosses out there except Arsene Wenger. Sir Alex had done 26 years at Man Utd, while Arsene is 16 and going strong despite so many years of underachievements. Next in line would be David Moyes but he had just ended his 11 years association with Everton to take over the Red Devils. So after Arsene as the longest serving manager in the Premier League, next in line would be Alan Pardew, who had just about 3 years with Newcastle United!
Nowadays for a manager to last at least over a season or two would be considered a big achievement it seems in the Premier League. Don't their actual bosses really get it? If the players don't perform, it will be better to change the players and in comes might change the dressing room mentality to bring about more results. The clubs with the pressure to earn more money and winning, had resorted to signing over rated and over paid prima donnas who hold more power than their manager. But they lack the mentality of winning for the club. England is definitely suffering from the abuse of power by these players and stupid owners because their own youth system is in decline and their results speaks for themselves.
If the clubs channel more money into youth development instead of signing marquee players who can't perform, they can also inculcate the beliefs and culture into these young players, which Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are the perfect examples. Development takes time, which the owners don't have. By simply wanting to win at all costs and splurging insane amount on players all over the world, just look at what a joke had become of QPR, Blackburn and Manchester City. Only Chelsea haf some degree of success but they were just lucky to achieve it.
Money spent on development and hope for bright future or splurging on so called world class players and hope for the best?
Why don't the owners just manage the team and see what happens.

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