Monday, 13 May 2013

Coincidence or Phenomenon?

Now that most of the European leagues are coming to an end, suddenly it felt like a déjà vu of senses for most of the leagues. Manchester United won their title with 4 matches to spare, while Bayern Munich had confirmed their title weeks ago. Barcelona with their main rivals, Real and Athletico Madrid slipping up constantly, won their title last weekend, while Juventus also wrapped up theirs with matches to spare, so too is PSG.

It seemed so coincidental that most of the European leagues shared the same pattern of sorts, that it seemed more like a European phenomenon. While big clubs can’t afford to lose, this season’s phenomenon, saw beaten giants like Manchester United and Barcelona maintaining just their consistency and that eventually brought them to the peak once again. They won through their consistency and having the good luck of opponents keep slipping up throughout the season. They may be kings in their country, but results shown in the Champions League, they had fallen off the pace with upcoming Germans. For PSG, finally with all the investments had yielded them their title, but I hope they do not go down the same route as Manchester City, who had just sacked Roberto Mancini. If they had to look at examples, look no further than Chelsea. How desperate had Roman Abramovich wanted to win, but how low had Chelsea degraded into this season.

This season is not actually wrapped up yet, but we will be saying goodbyes to many notable figures in the European leagues. Alex Ferguson finally stepping down after 26 years at the helm of Man United, and David Moyes taking over where he himself had done a tremendous 10 years service to Everton. Paul Scholes had also decided to retire for good this time which I suspect he is bowing out as a form of tribute to Sir Alex. Elsewhere in Germany, we will see Pep Guardiola taking over the reigns of Bayern Munich, Jupp Heynckes who will be retiring also. Finally we see Roberto Mancini getting the sack, but just who will take over at the high pressure seat of Man City. The seat can’t get more pressure at Chelsea, with Rafael Benitez set to leave and Jose Mourinho rumoured to come back. We may also see the last of Frank Lampard as his contract is still suspended in the air, while we had finally seen the last of Michael Owen. 

Michael Owen, you had done well in your prime with Liverpool, but you should had just retire a season or two earlier. By struggling on for the past few seasons, you had only managed to tarnish your own legacy where people may only recognize you as a has-been. A note to Fernando Torres, do not walk down the same route as Owen!

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