Friday, 24 May 2013

Managerial Merry Go Round

In the fickle world of football, it is really crazy out there to determine who is the actual boss. In this industry, when the players don't perform, the managers get the sack! Put it in other industries, the workers get it.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Michael Owen, Jaime Carragher, David Beckham

After this weekend, we will bid goodbye to 3 players who had graced the Barclays Premier League and had very different contrasting fortunes throughout their playing careers. With the retirement of these 3 players, this is almost at the end of England’s Golden Generation.

Let’s just start with Michael Owen. He would have been considered a legend if he had not been plague by so many injuries throughout his career. Bursting out into Liverpool FC’s first team at a tender age of 17, he captured the imagination of the Liverpool hopefuls with his speed and strike accuracy. He gave Liverpool a new lease of life with his breathtaking speed and youthfulness when Robbie Fowler was constantly injured and out of form, and Ian Rush making his own last lap of glory. He would provide the Reds with important goals and soon find himself into the England fold.
Going into the World Cup in 1998, at age 19 years old and facing favourites Argentina, he would go on to score a memorable goal to out himself in the centre of attraction. Alas, England would bow out to Argentina in that game through penalties and some blame a certain David Beckham, who is also retiring this season. Owen would went on to score more goals for England and one of the more memorable matches would be a hat-trick scored against old foes, Germany. It was a 5-1 whitewash. 

Monday, 13 May 2013

Coincidence or Phenomenon?

Now that most of the European leagues are coming to an end, suddenly it felt like a déjà vu of senses for most of the leagues. Manchester United won their title with 4 matches to spare, while Bayern Munich had confirmed their title weeks ago. Barcelona with their main rivals, Real and Athletico Madrid slipping up constantly, won their title last weekend, while Juventus also wrapped up theirs with matches to spare, so too is PSG.