Monday, 25 March 2013

Be A Man, Do The Right Thing

What an interesting weekend of F1 race it has been! From the unpredictable weather in Sepang, to the apparent team orders to bring the cars safely home, it has no doubt created a wonderful weekend of motorsports for the fans.

Just to coincide with Russell Peters show tonight, I have to borrow his tag line just to summarize the Sepang F1 race. Be a man, Do the right thing! Well, these words can basically summarize what hell Sebastien Vettel and Noci Rosberg went through yesterday, and to a certain aspect, it can be used on Fernando Alonso also.

Friday, 22 March 2013

F1 Rookies, Talented or just Rich?

While the second race of the new F1 season gets underway, this year sees quite a lot of rookie drivers making their debuts. It looks good as a form of development of new drivers at the pinnacle of motor racing, but the cold hard truth is that unless you have the dough, then you can have the seat.
As we know, motorsport is a very expensive sport. It is not only about the talent of an individual, it also combines the technology of the crafts that they will be using, and these don’t come cheap. F1 teams constantly develop their cars and aerodynamics, just to wipe off the extra seconds off their time sheets, unless the teams are big on budget, if not the development phase will be delayed and simply make up the numbers on the starting grid.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

F1 2013 The race has started!

Finally the new F1 season has started. Although there aren’t many changes to the rules governing the cars and engines, there are definitely surprises thrown about during the first weekend of race. As we anticipate the rest of the 18 races, it will be an interesting season to look out for, with the challenges between the big teams, and the slugfest between the smaller teams but having young and talented rookies.