Monday, 10 December 2012

Dramatic Year End Finale

Finally free for a new post and lots of things did happened in the last few weeks. As mentioned in earlier posts, the last race of the F1 season did finished dramatically, and it ended up another heart break for me! Who would have thought that Sebastien Vettel would have a disastrous start to end up in last place in the opening lap and went on to finish the race as the World Champion. Alonso did whatever he could to finish 2nd in the race, but still lost to Vettel by mere 3 points.

Rafael Benitez was appointed as the manager of Chelsea and what a start did he had. Immediately he had all the home fans in unity to jeer and boo him, which just a few seasons ago, he was the manager of Liverpool who denied Chelsea’s advancements in the Champions’ League time and time again. The year Liverpool won the Champions’ League, they met Chelsea in the semi-final and Liverpool won by a Luis Garcia’s goal that was not even close to the goal line! No wonder the Chelsea fans can’t stand Benitez now managing their team. Sometimes you just have to wonder what is Roman thinking.

It is a fact that Benitez did won lots of trophies before, but if you look into details, he won trophies only when he took over a team. In fact, the teams he won trophies with, were built by his predecessors. Just look at the teams he built when he had prolonged his stay. Liverpool went from bad to worse, Inter Milan went from champions to struggle in mid table. The only midas touch he seemed to have, is to get Fernando Torres to score. No managers seemed to be able to get the best out of Torres and since his transfer to Chelsea, he seemed to be past his best and becoming a joke when he should be in his prime, remember his glaring miss against in front of an open goal mouth? Benitez arrived and after a slow start, he did manage to get Torres to score in consecutive matches.

Anyway back to local front, Singapore got off to a good start in the Suzuki Cup by beating Malaysia. Then they lost to Indonesia, which could only draw 2 all with Laos! Are the standards in the region rising or are we actually moving backwards? Needing to win to advance, Singapore chose to make things difficult for themselves by allowing Laos a 2 goal lead before defeating them by 4-2, and topping the group. Thailand seemed to be back to their best by topping the other group with Philippines advancing at the expense of Vietnam. Now the question is, will Singapore be able to defeat Philippines? The Lions had not scored against them in their last 3 encounters. 

I would like to see a final of 3 times champions Thailand taking on 3 times champions Singapore, but the romantics in me would definitely root for Philippines for a spot in the finals, which would be at the expense of Singapore. Seems like I’m not even giving a chance to Malaysia at all! 

Will there be anymore drama in the sporting world towards the end of the year? I do hope so because this what sport is about and how spectators enjoy the sports.

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