Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Rome is not built in one day, Roman

Roman Abramovich’s Chelsea is becoming a running joke in the football scene, with the latest sacking of Roberto Di Matteo. What does he actually think in his mind, nobody will ever know. Big name coaches like Felipe Scholari, Carlo Ancelotti and Jose Mourinho had all faced the exit door unwillingly. Even winning the ultimate prize of the Champions League, Di Mateo was also being shown the door. So what do Roman actually wants? If football is just a system of pressing a button for results in an ideal situation, then Roman would have been the god of the football industry. 

When Mourinho won 2 Premier League titles, the general perception was that Roman’s aim was to be the best in Europe. Chelsea started with nothing, became the kings in England, however the last step to becoming the kings of Europe was never achieved. Being unable to see eye-to-eye with each other in the later stages, Mourinho left.

Avram Grant brought Chelsea into the Champions League final, but not winning it, he paid the ultimate price, for not being a big enough name in football, and finishing second in all competitions.
With the aim of making Chelsea into a more attractive team, Felipe Scholari was brought in but that move failed. He lasted only half a season. In fact, he used half a season’s time to piss off everyone in the club, leaving him with the only way out. Guus Hiddink was brought in as replacement, but he was only taking the appointment on a casual basis while still producing results.

Carlo Ancelotti is a big name and produced results by winning the Premier League and FA Cup. However same like Mourinho, not being able to deliver on the European stage meant there was only one way out. Couple with the fact that there was a rising star in the form of Andre Villas Boas, who was termed as the second coming of Jose Mourinho, Carlo had no choice but to pack his bag.
Villas Boas, a young coach who had the talent and results to show for, and having similar development traits like Mourinho, was brought in to revolutionize Chelsea. However being too young and trying to change things with lightning pace, meant he lost the dressing room within months of arrival. However he did put in place tactical systems and players which will bring glory to the club, but the time expired much faster than he imagined that he needed to make it work.

Di Matteo was promoted to become the interim manager, and his job was made much easier. With the tactical plays and players already in place, he only had to sooth the egos of the players and coaxes them to play to their best abilities till the end of the season. Parking the whole team in front of their goal and praying for Lady Luck, finally brought Roman the holy grail of the Champions League title. But he is no big name manager. He was only managing smaller clubs and producing results equivalent to relegation battles prior to joining Chelsea, he did not have the necessary experience. He tried to change, but his inexperience at the top level is clearly lacking, somewhat similar to Roy Hodgson managing Liverpool.

With Rafael Benitez installed as the interim coach, possibly baying to bring Pep Guardiola for next season, will any managers in the sane of mind be interested in Chelsea’s hot seat? Will Pep be given the time and patience to mould Chelsea into another Barcelona?

Roman has had big name coaches, won the titles, perhaps the next big thing he wants to achieve is to have a big name coach to win the Champions League again. But he does have to understand that Rome is not built in one day. If the previous coaches were being given more time to blood their way of play, they could have achieved much more. Playing attractive football aka Barcelona takes time to cultivate and develop. Whichever coaches that stepped in, will be unable to make the players become Messi overnight.
Rome is not built in one day, Roman.

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