Sunday, 30 October 2011

China's dominance and Pride of Veterans

The Table Tennis Women's World Cup has just ended and the eventual winner belonged to China again. When I was watching the quarterfinals line up, though different nations were represented, most of the players were China-born. This led me think what had China done to keep churning out world class players and  having them exported to different countries.

Looking at the Chinese team, the players may be world number 1 and 2, but they may not necessary be the best players in China and the world, because there are still many Chinese players waiting for their chances. They are just like Brazil in football, but China produces results whereas Brazil only produces hype.

Another interesting thing to note, we are hosting the International Masters Hockey Tournament throughout the week. Looking at the few thunderstorms that flooded Singapore last week, hopefully the weather will hold out well enough to ensure a great success for the event. These are former internationals and are already in advance ages for the sport, yet they are still fighting for glory on the international front in their respective age groups. They do take pride in representing their countries no matter how old they are. Hopefully our local athletes in other sports going for the SEA Games can learn something about pride of the nation from these seasoned veterans.
May the best team win!

Just had a few interesting thoughts the past 2 weeks, but haven't yet have the time to write it down. Hopefully in the coming days will be able to write more.

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