Sunday, 30 October 2011

China's dominance and Pride of Veterans

The Table Tennis Women's World Cup has just ended and the eventual winner belonged to China again. When I was watching the quarterfinals line up, though different nations were represented, most of the players were China-born. This led me think what had China done to keep churning out world class players and  having them exported to different countries.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Liverpool FC

Fulfilling a Childhood Dream

I’ve been a lifelong fan of Liverpool Football Club since 1990, and only recently I’ve managed to fulfill my dream of visiting Liverpool FC’s famed Anfield Stadium. Even though I could not catch any matches there (it was an International break and Liverpool was playing away subsequently), the joy of being there at the Kop End was enough to send shivers down my spine!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

A Tale of 3 Jordans

During my childhood, when I was just getting to know more about sports, the only Jordan that I've ever heard of was, His Airness, the NBA Legend, Michael Jordan. Then, NBA weekly highlights were shown on TV for free and the NBA Playoffs were shown live. That was also in the early nineties where Magic Johnson's Showtime era was giving way to Jordan's Bulls' total domination.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The National Swim Sagas

I don't actually know how reporters and journalists work, but I must admit that they are doing a very good job on digging up news on the local sporting fraternity.

Last week, they reported that a former national swimmer was charged for going AWOL during his National Service. The swimmer was supposed to be at swim trainings but wasn't present, his coach marked him as present anyway. In the end, both of them are now suspended from swimming competition.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Thoughts on Sultan of Selangor's Challenge Cup 2011

Thanks to Liga Singapura, I've got my article published on his blog. It's basically my thoughts on the recent Sultan of Selangor's Challenge Cup.

Local Sports Week in Action

As I am just a blogger, most of my information and articles are purely based on the local newspaper reports and my personal thoughts.

In this week alone, there have been a lot of reports on the local sports scene. The headliner of the week, definitely has to be Raddy Avramovic's 4 match suspension from the National football team's World Cup Qualifiers. This effectively kills off Raddy's chances of being at the touchline throughout the qualifiers. I thought that this is too harsh a punishment. I've watch the match, so I can understand his frustrations towards the refereeing of the game, with the added intensity of playing the Chinese and actually leading them at one stage, no wonder he lost his mind. I believe in this scenario, given even the most mild mannered coach or manager, they would also flare up with the poor standards of the handling of the game.