Saturday, 24 September 2011

A Weekend of Sport....

This weekend is definitely exciting with the F1 in town. The action and excitement had already been started yesterday with the 2 practice sessions and it's sure to get more interesting with all the crashes and the  kerbs problems. And considering that it was only the practice sessions, some of the drivers even managed to lap times faster than last year, all thanks to the technology and rule changes (salute to the engineers and mechanics).

Yesterday also saw the 2nd leg semi-final of the RHB Singapore Cup between Hougang United and Albirex Nigata. Even though the match was screened live, I succumbed to the coverage of the F1 showing on Mediacorp. I've watched only a few minutes of the game and it is definitely entertaining. All I know is that the 2 teams were tied 2-all from the first leg, by the time I switched over to the channel due to the commercial break, it was already in extra-time and the score was also 2-2, with the aggregate score of 4-4. I was hoping the match to go into penalty and Hougang wins it to avenge their League Cup final loss, alas, Albirex scored the winning goal in the dying minutes of the extra-time to go into the Final. Aide Iskandar must be thinking what else can he do to beat the Japanese.

Torn between local football and F1 yesterday, today will be worse. With the F1 qualifying taking place at 10pm, it clashes with the Barclays Premier League games kicking off at the same time. Though most of the matches looked pretty one sided, the most interesting match will be Man City vs Everton, the most expensive assembled side taking on Everton, who always seem capable of throwing upsets. This game starts at 7.45pm, so it does not really matter. Looking at the rest of the matches, probably I will watching the F1 and switch to football after that for their 2nd halves. I just hope the big teams don't falter this weekend. Arsenal and Tottenham have had a slow start and looked real miserable. Chelsea, on paper, looked like a championship winning team, but is not showing enough on the field. Liverpool started promising enough, but lack a winning mentality. Their central midfield don't seemed to have the potential yet, even with Steven Gerrard coming back, I think it will make the Reds struggle even more.

There also seemed to be a trend usually happening with the top leagues every season. For this season, most of the top teams throughout Europe seemed like they are really struggling. For example, just look at Arsenal, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Barcelorna, Real Madrid. Looks like it will be another season of upset results and interesting end to the major European Leagues.

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