Thursday, 29 September 2011

Singapore playing professional in Europe

Finally writing some interesting stuffs about the local sports scene...

Read in the papers a few days back that we have 3 young hockey players having a chance to experience top flight hockey in Europe. 2 of them will be playing in France, while 1 will be playing in Belgium. This is indeed a wonderful news for the development of our local players.

Europe has proven over the years that they have the capabilities and infrastructure to groom players. The countries boast professional leagues and the running of the clubs and competitions are definitely superior to what Singapore are able to offer. Although Pakistan and India are also among the world beaters, I believe not people would actually think of furthering a professional sporting career there.

In a few months when these 3 players are back, I believe the Singapore hockey team will be rejuvenated with their experiences and maybe they will be able to achieve greater heights and do us proud. Their 1st assignments collectively will be the SEA Cup. Though the competition level may not be high, if they can beat Malaysia, one of the top ranked countries in the world, it will show that the players are really well on the way towards their 2020 Olympic dream.

Europe has always been a top destination for most athletes to be at to develop their talents and career. If Brazil is capable of sending so many football players to Europe and carve out their career there, I hope Singapore hockey would one day be able to do the same and produce more players to go to Europe. Sports career in Singapore will not make idols and millionaires compared to Europe, at least for now. If these players are able to make a career out of hockey, it will bring a lot of hope to all the budding athletes in Singapore.

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