Sunday, 25 September 2011

Singapore GP 2011

Finally the Singapore GP is completed, ending a wonderful weekend of F1 festivities in Singapore. Of course the winner of the race is Sebastien Vettel, great job on keeping calm and cool throughout the race and not making any mistakes for Jenson Button to capitalize.

The Singapore GP this year is already the 4th edition, and each year there's always no lack of on track excitement happening, including the recent concluded race. This year's race, saw 2 former World Champions, Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher making silly errors and resulting in not getting the desired results. But kudos to Lewis, driving with half a front wing for 2 laps, went in for extra pit to change his wing, awarded a drive through penalty, and still managed to finished in 5th place. Lewis may be a dangerous and rash driver, but he does proves that he has the quality push the car's potential to the maximum.

Schumacher just don't seemed to be the same ever since he came back last year. True that his car is lacking the speed and competitiveness against the top teams, but his experiences doesn't seemed to help his team at all. He's also consistently losing out to Nico Rosberg at all races. He might had claimed that it was a racing incident when he crashed into Sergio Perez in Singapore, but looking at it in detail, factoring the fact that he was a World champ 7 times and his years of experience, you don't follow a car so closely into a corner without anticipating the opponent's reactions. Looking at it, It's definitely a racing incident, but more of a schoolboy error on Schumacher's part.

Ferrari are just not competitive enough in Singapore. Alonso tried his best but it's just not enough, Massa is just plain unlucky and he's still yet to find the form that made him one of the championship contender since his horrific accident. The tactics used by Mclaren is good, and it really suited Button's style of driving. If Button had picked up his speed 2 laps earlier, or the backmarkers did not block him so much, probably the race finish would have been very interesting.

Red Bull this year simply reminded me of the all conquering Ferrari in the early 2000s. Back then, Ferrari had Schumacher and Barrichello, and their cars were simply too fast for the rest. This year, Vettel, already a Champion, still hungry for success, and the cars of Red Bull provided him with the speed to win races. Webber, with all his desire and talent, has to play second fiddle to him. He knows that Vettel is simply too good, but Webber did not have the best of luck this year too.

With the Singapore GP completed, Vettel only needs a single point to win his second consecutive World Championship, which barring any incident that he may not finish the Suzuka race, he will definitely win the title and probably go on to challenge the many records to be broken.

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