Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Massa vs Hamilton/ Stoner vs Rossi

In my last post, I did a comparison between some similarities between F1 and MotoGP. Just don't feel like writing much today, below are 2 videos highlighting the verbal exchanges between Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa, and Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi.

The below video shows the after race media interview by Lewis Hamilton. He was however interrupted by a very agitated Felipe Massa, who's race was ruined by Lewis. Words by Massa?

"Good job huh! Very well done!"

In this video below, there's only the audio of the verbal exchange between Casey Stoner and Valentino Rossi, in fact most of it belongs to Stoner. Rossi has had an operation on his shoulder in the pre-season and during this race in Jerez, Rossi tried to overtake Stoner in one of the corner but crash and took both out. However Rossi managed to recover his bike and carry on the race to finish while Stoner's race ended there. Hence the picture in the video showing Stoner clapping sarcastically when Rossi took off.

When Rossi finished his race, obviously not on podium, he immediately went over to Stoner's garage to offer his apologies. Guess what Stoner did?

He shrugged off the incident and asked whether Rossi's shoulder was ok, and went on to add the statement:
"Your ambition outweighs your talent!"
All these are being said with a smile on Stoner's face throughout. and a pat on Rossi's back.

I think it's time to start writing something on local sports real soon and I hope the local sporting rivalries can be as interesting as the 2 pairs above.

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